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myUKpost – Your Own UK Post and Business Mailing Address

If you no longer live in the UK, but want to have your own UK mailing address or business mailing address, myUKpost can help.

Or you live in the UK and you need a separate Real UK address, maybe for your business if you work from home.

Just sign up for myUKpost account and easily get your own Manchester mailing address, to which all of your personal and business mail items will be sent, ideal for your mail forwarding, mail scanning, post redirection, registered business office address.

Also, for just £20.00 a month extra, we can offer you a prime Regent St London W1 address, including 1 free registered business address!

Whether it is for your personal or business use, myUKpost offers you a UK mailing address fixed for life. This mailing address will be safe to use and does not change even though your location changes.

Forget Po Boxes, no-one accepts them anymore.

myUKpost’s mailing address service is designed to ensure you safe, secured and fast mail forwarding no matter where you live in the world. Simply fill out our online application form and make sure that you get a quick delivery of Manchester or London mailing address. You will be using our addresses with 2 business hours.

This service is also ideal for sending presents and cards that need to be delivered on a guaranteed date like birthdays and anniversaries; So send your presents to us well in advance, in case they get stuck in customs, then the day before we will Royal Mail Special Delivery for 9am next day. 

Why Us?

Whether you are planning to move out of the UK or are already living abroad, myUKpost can support you in the following ways:

1. Receive all your mail items including letters, parcels, packets, and much more!

2. Make sure that your mail is properly scanned and emailed to you and then stored, forwarded or shredded to your choice.

3. Allocates a unique and permanent UK mailing address for your personal or business use.

4. Same-day forwarding of mail items to your overseas address, saving you time, hassle and money.

5. Provides a broad range of mail delivery options, from emails and courier to freight services

6. Offering competitive pricing for forwarding your business and personal mail items.

Check our latest offers links for great bundled packages and coupon discounts

To apply for your UK mailing address, just click the register now button at the bottom of this page, or by clicking one of the coupon packages on the "latest offers" link

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