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My UK Post offer a full Ebay Forwarding and Amazon Forwarding service, available to personal and business-related mail requirements. This is most ideal given that more and more people are now purchasing from these websites.

Are you living in the EU and cannot buy anything cheap locally?, yet you see it on, for peanuts... but you dont have a UK address,

Here is the solution....

Register with myUKpost and now you can shop online and buy off ebay, amazon, argos, pcworld etc, using your new address,

We can even then consolidate them if required into one parcel and send them anywhere in the EU tax/customs free!!

You don't need to be British to use this service, many clients from Spain, Italy, France, Poland etc, use us to buy items that are far cheaper, quicker to deliver than their own country.  We have Spanish clients that by computer parts through us, and we can get it faster to them in Spain, than they can within Spain, and 75% cheaper. 

The UK Distance Selling Regulations (DSR 2000), means that Expat and EU clients get far greater protection and refund rights than most of Europe.... Try getting a refund in most EU countriess... it is usually impossible!!

( Consumer Distance Seliling Regulations 2000)

Another great reason to use us....

Also this service is ideal for sending presents and cards that need to be delivered in the UK on a guaranteed date like birthdays and anniversaries; So send your presents to us well in advance, in case they get stuck in customs, then the day before we will Royal Mail Special Delivery for 9am next day. 

We can also pay Duties if applicable to Customs on your behalf, which is ideal if you are sending presents, valued more than £18 back to the UK, from outside the EU, so your present doesn't get held up, so "Granny" doesn't have to pay the duty on her own gift!

Save a fortune, sign up today....


          Amazon PC World


        Argos                                             M&S

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26 Nov 2014
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