Personal Mail Address & Mail Forwarding/Scanning Services

myUKpost offers a safe, reliable and effective Mail Forwarding/Scanning address and delivery service to individual customers & businesses from anywhere in the world. We give you a real UK postal address, based in Manchester or London fixed for life.

These addresses are absolutely secure and can cater to light, regular or heavy users of mail/post/parcel customers. 

We have  helped many families, businesses and individuals receive their mail quickly and efficiently and also allowing them to maintain and rebuild their credit scores.

We manage your mail and post redirection, offering you a better service than Po Boxes, we can even create a UK Ltd company for you from only £5 same day....and be your Registered Office and Company Secretary for just £25 a month

By using a myUKpost personal mail addresses, you can give everyone a prime UK address and recieve your scanned mail on your smartphone of PC, by 11am GMT every working day.

myUkpost supplies you with your UK  mail address immediately after you sign up, so you can tell everyone the same day and start recieving mail and scans the next day. 

myUKpost Personal Mail Service Benefits

1. Peace of mind by receiving all your personal mail items at 2 secure and fixed UK Real mail addresses

2. Protect your personal address and credit score

3. No signup fees, just the first month and the refundable deposit, no contracts just month to month

4. Fast and efficient personal mail forwarding service, anywhere in the world.

5, All your mail digitised, saving you space at home and filing!

Our Mail Delivery Process

1. Your personal mail is sent to us

2. Your mail is then sorted and scanned onto our system

3. The mail is then emailed to 2 of your own chosen email accounts, nothing is held on our servers

Sign up today or contact us if you have any questions or special requirements! or check our latest offers link for great bundles and coupon discounts

Personal Mail Address, Personal Mail Service

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