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Expat Mail Forwarding

The Best and Most Reliable Mail Forwarding Service For Expatriates From Just £12 per month

Are you a UK expat looking for a mail forwarding service that is aimed at Brits abroad?
Are you missing shopping on Ebay, Amazon, Marks and Spencers, PCWorld, Tesco and the rest?
Need to maintain your Credit Score whilst overseas?
Need a UK Ltd company and a registered office?
Want all your mail digitised?
Your solution is here....

myUKpost is ideal for you!

myUKpost is the leading mail forwarding company that enables you to receive, store, forward and properly manage your post from anywhere over the world.

You can easily set up an account for a UK mail address in minutes and be sending and receiving post to anyone in the world - it's that simple!

We provide safe and secure expatriate mail forwarding services at the cheapest prices. Saving you money and hassle from day one.

Every British expat in the world, that one day might return to the UK or has assets in the UK, needs to maintain their credit score. At myUKpost we can help you maintain this.

Lets be straight, all you need is an address, so why pay more?

myUKpost also gives you the flexibility to consolidate your mail items into a single parcel and keep the shipping cost low.

myUKpost wants to bring you the combined advantage of a UK mail address and expatriate mail-forwarding service, with the assurance of speed and accessibility through email, Skype and telephone.

Let alone, you are maintaining a full UK credit score, whilst abroad; which will be priceless when you return back to Ol Blighty.

You won't have to worry about missing urgent correspondence, endangering your credit score, or depending on your friends or family to sort and send your post or worry about those dreaded brown envelopes marked 'Her Majesty's service'; they will be in your 'Inbox' within a few hours and you can use our admin team to send replies the same day!


The Ideal and Essential Service for British Expats

Just sign up for a myUKpost account and have instant access to a mail forwarding service that is ideal for British expatriates, other nationalities and fellow travellers.

We give you a real and permanent UK mail address (either Manchester or London) which can be used for receiving letters, packages and special mail items from anywhere in the world and will be forwarded same day to you anywhere in the world!

You can receive your scanned mail within hours on your smartphone or PC, rather than weeks, and by using our reply services, action a piece of mail the same day.

Clients use us for mail handling, mail scanning, post redirection, registered offices, company secretary, web hosting to name a few.

Our address service is ideal for sending presents and cards that need to be delivered in the UK on guaranteed dates like birthdays and anniversaries. So send your presents to us well in advance, in case they get stuck in customs, then the day before we will send via Royal Mail Special Delivery for 9am the next day.

We can form a UK Ltd company and LLP, or even a PLC within a few business hours; ideal if you need a tax efficient vehicle whilst abroad.

Perfect if you are a non UK national but need a REAL UK address so you can buy online and/or project a real UK presence to impress your clients.

Mail Forwarding Service Benefits For Expatriates

  1. Save your friends or family from the hassle of looking after your correspondence if you are overseas.
  2. Maintain your UK credit score whilst you are overseas; essential for when you return.
  3. Only pay per letter not per page as all your mail is digitised.
  4. Save money by consolidating mail and parcels to be forwarded to you as one.
  5. We check your mail, for damages etc, and then fill in the customs forms for you. We can also pay duties on imports to custom on your behalf, which is ideal if you are sending presents back to the UK.

Why are we so much cheaper than our competition?

Good question, but the answer is straight forward. We own our own offices, we don't have £2/3000 a month rent to pay and no huge upkeeps.

This allows us to offer the best Mail Handling and Company Formations service in the UK, at the cheapest prices.

The same as all the UK supermarkets offer: Prove to us that you can get our service cheaper and we will give you 10% off that price for LIFE!

Our aim is to be the biggest and best within a few years. But we cannot do this without you.

You are based in Manchester, not London why?

To 95% of all our clients in this climate, everything is price driven. When we launched myUKpost, we needed secure, safe and accessible premises in the UK so we bought our own premises and then spent 9 months converting them into purpose built Mail Handling, IT, Storage and day to day Sales offices. Our couriers can drop/collect within 1 metre of the access point daily and we are 400 metres from the main Royal Mail Sorting Office!

But to keep everyone happy, we also offer a prime Regent St, London W1 address for just £20.00 a month extra!

"Now you won't see that anywhere else cheaper!"

To know more about the pricing of our Mail Forwarding service for expatriates, contact us now!

Call us now. We are always offering deals and incentives for new clients....

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Sign up today or contact us if you have any questions or special requirements! Or check our latest offers link for great bundles and coupon discounts.

myUKpost.com & davenporthouse.net– offer a Fast, Reliable And Efficient UK Mail Forwarding, Scanning Services and Company Formations/Administration

Our UK registered number is 07834017, VAT number 131 5911 38, We are registered with the HMRC Money Laundering Regulations number 12689026 and the ICO Data Protection Act number Z3319371.

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