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Are you a tradesman who is out of the door by 7 am and everyday misses the post or are you an expat living in Hong Kong who has to wait 4 weeks to get your UK mail.

Other than relying on relatives and friends, getting your post can be a headache. 

We are the first to agree that in the last decade your post is down by over 70%, but what is left is usually vital, and essential to maintaining your credit score.

All major Government, Utilities and major companies no longer accept PO Boxes, and the Royal Mail re-direction service only lasts for 2 years.

We dont need your bank/credit card statements sent to us in paper-format, but you do need it pointed to a "real" UK address.

Even in countries like Spain, where they dont have an efficient postcode system, so you can be living in Spain, and your card might not process correctly. Keeping your mail to a UK address has numerous benefits, as well as maintaining your credit score and the guarantee that no mail will be missed; please read the below explanation. 

"Processing a credit/debit card online needs to validate on a real postcode, all cards work on our UK valid addresses as we have a real postcodes. This is why registering a card to an address in a country without good postcodes means yours card wont work online. (UK Po Boxes are also not validated on the UK Postal Address File PAF)"

By using myUKpost, your post is on your smartphone and PC within 2 hours, all scanning is sent to upto 2 of your private email addresses, no scans are held on our servers, (none of our competitors can guarantee this security.. ask them!) After emailing we can destroy, store and/or forward the originals to you anywhere in the world.

You only pay per item, and we apply common sense to what we see as maybe spam/junk, so you wont be charged needlessly.

Our services are also ideal for sending presents and cards that need to be delivered in the UK on a guaranteed date like birthdays and anniversaries; So send your presents to us well in advance, in case they get stuck in customs, then the day before we will Royal Mail Special Delivery for 9am next day.  

Sign up now, or call/email for further details

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