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With myUKpost one of our main core products is post redirection, 

As mentioned on other pages, post and mail redirection is very important to people who are moving within the UK or overseas
Expats can rely on family and friends, to a point, but can be nothing guaranteed.
The Royal Mail Post Redirection service, only lasts for 2 years.
In the past few years no government agency or large organisation such as the banks, utilities etc will accept Po Boxes, or Po Box numbers. Mail box addresses are not acceptable too.
But at we have 2 real addresses, one in Bury, Manchester and Regent St, London W1, here we can receive and sign for mail, letters, parcels and various post on your behalf.
All our staff are highly trained and strictly vetted, so you have peace of mind in our services.
Once you have changed your address to ours, the post redirection will come straight to us, and we can action it same day, as per your instructions. So all the mail forwarding, mail scanning, registered office mail is handled swiftly, securely and safely.
So you don’t need a Po Box, or a mail box, or the Royal Mail redirection service, once you have signed up with us, we will issue you a Real UK address, that will become your permanent UK address for you or your business.... and your credit file!!!

Finally, we allocate every new client a unique number, so providing that this number is quoted on all the mail recieved you can have as many names and business names on the account, another great benefit compared to the Royal Mail, Regus and others.

Please note, that because we have our own dedicated post-codes, that using the Royal Mail redirection service will not be needed; as we offer a far more reliable solution. Please contact us for additional advice regarding re-directing un-opened Mail.

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