Which Countries Receive The Most Tourists

Have you ever wondered which countries receive the most tourists? Perhaps you have considered moving somewhere abroad or want to visit a country on holiday for the first time, but aren't sure what destinations are the most popular for tourists? If you are someone that actually prefers to avoid highly populated tourist areas you may also find this information interesting.

The World Tourism Organisation has recently revealed this information. The following top 10 list is based on how many arrivals in the thousands each country receives per yer. Are there some surprises? Well, we thought so....

Countries With Most Foreign Visitors (in thousands)

France  - 83,013
USA     - 69,768
Spain   - 60,661
China   - 57,725
HK      - 54,299
Italy   - 47,704
Turkey  - 37,795
Germany - 31,545
UK      - 31,169
Russia  - 30,792

If you want to find out more, check out this great map created by Global Post -  http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/culture-lifestyle/traveltourism/141226/map-tourism-by-nation

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