What Are The Most Popular British Expat Destinations

The British are well renowned for their travelling exploits. In fact, no matter where you are in the world; from the most remote Indonesian island to the smallest African village there always seems to be a "Brit" not too far away

So, this has prompted us at MyUKPost to consider the following questions; "Just how many British Expats are there worldwide?" and "What are the most popular destinations?"

According to the Fifth Annual Natwest Interactive Personal Banking (Natwest IPB) Quality of Life Index, there are approximately 5 million British expats living and working abroad, helping to shape the communities they live in. Perhaps unsurprisingly Australia, Spain and the US are the top three most popular destinations for British expats.

The following list shows countries and the estimated number of British expats living there.

Country    Number of British Expats

Australia - 1,400,000
Canada -   630,000
China - 38,000
France -  225,000
Hong Kong -  Included in China
New Zealand - 230,000
Portugal - 47,000
South Africa - 237,000
Singapore - 49,000
Spain - 940,000
UAE - 64,000
USA - 794,000
Total - 4,654,000

(Source: CFS/DWP/ONS)

In addition it is estimated that 41 countries each have a British expat population of at least 10,000 and 112 counties have at least 1,000.

Perhaps in future articles we will consider the reasons British expats choose to move abroad, and identify the key factors which help make the transition to living or working in another country, as seamless as possible.

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